100 Miles Challenge 2020

A very Nutty welcome to our 1st ever 100 Miles Challenge 2020 (Virtual Edition) presented by Craze Ultra, organised by Running Guild in partnership with ELXR aminoVITAL, where you have the opportunity to complete 100 Miles (all in one go OR over multiple sessions) by running/walking/hiking in the beautiful outdoor and be rewarded with a 100 Miles Challenge Finisher T-Shirt & a large-sized Medal.

In addition, aminoVITAL, our Official Nutrition partner, will provide every participant with 1 box(containing 6 packets) of aminoVITAL energy jelly, made in Japan from 100% plant-based amino acids.  Participants will also enjoy a 15% discount on aminoVITAL products via www.superfit.com.sg/shop/

*Participants who are nuts enough to finish 100 miles (160.93km) in one single continuous 32 hour period (based on the total time taken from the START of the activity until the END of the activity, inclusive of all types/forms of rest stops, such eating/naps/restroom/charging watch/phone), will be listed in the Sub-32 Hours Hall of Fame in recognition of their amazing ultramarathon achievement.

Our Partner
ELXR is a sports technology company headquartered in Singapore, with a wholly-owned subsidiary in Japan. ELXR Personalised Cloud Sports Club is a multi-channel ecosystem designed to bring together users, trainers and businesses together on a single platform. Through the aggregation and cross-pollination of physical training, users can personalise their workouts while coaches can build their business and expand their outreach.
ELXR website: Click HERE

Download the ELXR app:

Official Nutrition
aminoVITAL Singapore Advanced Sports Nutrition
- Endure Longer  > Recover Faster > Come Back Stronger
- Made in Japan from 100% Plant-Based Amino Acids
- Proud Nutrition Partner of the Singapore Swimming Association and Supertrail by Superfit

Participation Requirements/Criteria
Qualifying Period
*Activities must be done within 12 October 2020 to 15 November 2020 (35 days). 
- Complete 100 Miles at one go OR accumulate a total of 100 Miles over multiple sessions within the qualifying period.
- You have up to 35 days to accumulate 100 Miles, which works out to an average of 4.6km per day/32.2km per week.

Eligible Outdoor Activities
- Only the above-mentioned activities done in the outdoors (with a map showing/tracking the route of your activity) will be eligible.  
- Indoor activities, such as running/walking on the treadmill, sheltered areas, basement, mall, home, office, manual entry of activities & activities without route maps displayed will not be eligible.

Location & Route
*Anywhere outdoor & within the COVID-19 guidelines/restrictions of your country.

*You can decide on your own preferred route.  

Tracking of Activities via Strava
*All Participants must have a Strava account during the period of the event.

For those who do not have a Strava account, this is a free-to-join app where you can use it to record your activities or sync with your activity tracking devices such as Garmin, Coros, Suunto, etc.  
Click HERE to view the Guide for Beginners to Strava.  

You can create a Strava account via the below methods:
- Desktop - https://www.strava.com/  
- Google Play for Android devices: Click HERE or search for Strava
- App Store for iPhones: Click HERE or search for Strava

*In the registration form, you'll need to input your Strava Athlete name & the URL link to your Athlete profile 
For example:
Name in Strava - Ben Swee
NOTE: If you are unable to locate the URL link to your Strava profile, please 'follow' Ben via the above link and he will follow you subsequently.

*Ben Swee will 'follow' participants in the Strava app so he can track/verify your activities.  Hence, please allow Ben Swee to 'follow' you .

*Please 'follow' Ben Swee too as all participants will receive an invitation to join a specially created Strava Club from Ben Swee via the Strava app so we can track/verify your activities. 

*Activities will be randomly verified.  If there are any suspicious/ineligible activities (e.g. unbelievable pace/distance, manual entries, activities without route map, indoor treadmill, etc), the distance from those activities will not be counted.

NOTE: For your convenience, you are not required to manually submit your activities/screenshots of your activities to us.  We aim to relieve you of that hassle as we will track/verify your activities in the specially created Strava Club which you will be invited to be a member of.

Participant's Entitlements
Final product/design is subject to availability of colour of fabric/changes

Medal Design coming soon

Made in Japan from 100% plant-based amino acids

Included in your registration:
- 1 box of aminoVITAL energy jelly valued at S$17.90 (contains 6 packets of either one of the aminoVITAL products shown above)
- 15% discount code for aminoVITAL products  
- 1*100 Miles Finisher T-Shirt (light & quick-dry fabric)
- 1*100 Miles Finisher Medal (large sized)
- 1*E-Bib (will be sent to you via email within a couple of hours/1 day after your registration is confirmed)
- 1*E-certificate 
- Shipping to a Singapore address (additional charges apply for overseas shipping)

Estimated date of shipping
*The items will be shipped out by the end of November 2020 (approximately 2 weeks after the end of the qualifying period).
*There will not be any physical collection of the items in view of the COVID-19 situation.

Shipping Fee
*Shipping is free of charge for Singapore addresses.  
*For shipping to overseas addresses outside of Singapore, additional charges will apply.  We will inform you of the shipping charges via email & obtain your agreement before requesting for payment.

Sub-32 hours Hall of Fame
*Participants who are nuts enough to finish 100 miles (160.93km) in less than 32 hours (31hr 59min 59sec) (based on the total time taken from the START of the activity until the END of the activity, inclusive of all types/forms of rest stops, such eating/naps/restroom/charging watch/phone) will be listed in the Sub-32 Hours Hall of Fame in recognition of their amazing ultramarathon achievement.
*Participants who wish to take on this Sub-32 hours challenge must inform Ben Swee when you're about to start and, upon finishing 100 Miles, immediately inform Ben so we know the total duration you've taken, including all forms/types of rest stops.  NOTE: Please take selfie photos at the start & at the finish and send to Ben.
*For example, if you start at 7am on a Saturday, you must finish 100 Miles by 2.59pm on the next day, Sunday, which will be a total duration of 31 hours 59 mins 59 secs.  All types/forms of rest stops must be included during the 32 hours.  Therefore the 32 hours period includes total time you're on the move + rest time, otherwise known as the Elapsed Time.
*You can do multiple activities, but all must be done within the single continuous 32 hour period.

Terms & Conditions of Participation
*By registering for the 100 Miles Challenge 2020 Virtual Edition, you fully agree to participate at your own risk and fully indemnify the organiser, Running Guild, and its partners/sponsors against any claim (medical/monetary/etc) for any health issues, injury and/or death as a result of your participation in this virtual event. 

*Please ensure you are in good health before taking part in the event.  We recommend you have a personal health/accident insurance policy.  Please take all necessary precautions before, during & after your activity.

*You must abide by the COVID-19 rules & regulations of the country you're residing in.

*Exchange of T-Shirt size is subject to availability and shipping costs for the exchange are to be borne by the participant.

*After payment of the registration fee, you acknowledge & accept that there will not be any refund to you, be it a partial amount or full amount.  There will also be no rollover of your entry to another event.  However, you can transfer your registration to another person before the start of the event's qualifying period by notifying the organiser at runningguild@gmail.com.

NOTE: The registration fee is inclusive of:
- 1 box (6 packets) of aminoVITAL energy jelly valued at S$17.90 
- a 15% discount code for aminoVITAL products
- 1*100 Miles Challenge 2020 Finisher T-Shirt
- 1*100 Miles Challenge 2020 Finisher Medal
- 1*E-Bib (will be sent to you via email within a couple of hours/1 day after your registration is confirmed)
- 1*E-certificate
- Shipping to a Singapore address

Registration Fee (Singapore Dollars)
*Shipping within Singapore
- S$45.00 per person (Payment via PayNow/Paylah/Bank Transfer)
- S$48.00 per person (Payment via Credit Card)

*Shipping to outside of Singapore
- S$40.00 per person + applicable shipping charges (Payment via Credit Card)

Registration Closing Date
Currently closed

Registration Confirmation
After verifying payment has been received, a confirmation email will be sent to you within a couple of hours/1 day.  Please check your junk/spam mailbox as it may be directed to there.

Registration Options
To register, please click on 1 of the below registration options based on your shipping address & preferred payment method.

Entry Fee (Option 1): S$45

Entry Fee (Option 2): S$48

Entry Fee (Option 3):
S$40 + Overseas shipping charge